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Rugby is A Rough Sport, but this was too Far!

It’s no secret that the sport of rugby is known as one of the most physically rough sports in the world. It is not rare that players have serious injuries due to the extreme hands-on nature of the game. Every once in a while a player just takes things way too far and steps over the line.

As you can see in the disturbing video above, a player from the ASU rugby team runs directly up to one of his opponents and kicks him as hard as he can directly in the face. The player who committed this cheap shot was not even taking classes at ASU which resulted in the entire coaching staff being fired. The victim of this crime was in need of facial surgery due to the attack which resulted in an aggravated assault charge.

What Does This Mean for ASU’s Reputation?

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Even though this was a very unfortunate incident, it’s important to remember ASU is a great school. They have led the field in education for years and just recently for the second year in a row have been recognized for their creative efforts in assisting freshmen students connect with on-campus community support services.

Many high school grads make ASU their first choice when apply for college acceptance. Due to ASU’s demanding curriculum, tutoring services such as Buffalo Academy who provide college tutoring across the nation are in high demand. Students in all stages of their college career can benefit from tutoring but its most often younger students who feel home sick and over whelmed by their new environment that need the most support.

If ASU is on your or your child’s wish list I hope that this unfortunate rugby incident does not hinder your decision. ASU continues to be one of the leading schools in the nation and is a great choice for your education and career preparation.