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The Origins of Rugby

If you are from North America, then the sport of Rugby might look a little strange. It might look like a much more brutal version of American football with less padding for the players but in reality Rugby dates back much further. 

Where did Rugby start?

It is thought that the sport began in England all the way back in 1823. While the exact story is not 100% concrete in writing, it is excepted that William Webb Ellis, who the Webb Ellis Cup is named for was playing a game of regular football at the time when he decide to use his hands to to run with the ball which of course no longer makes it “Football”. This kinda makes you wonder why American Football has the name foot in it. Roughly 40 years later a set of rules was put in place by a mix of different clubs and schools, and the official sport was made know by 1871.

Rugby known worldwide

The Olympics are just about the highest standards in sports we have today and Rugby was one of the first sports excepted into the games in 1900 but in 1924 it was removed only to be finally brought back in 2009. Australia and New Zealand played host to the first World Cup in 1987 which gave the sport world wide interest and attention making it worthy of it’s spot in the summer Olympics.

Today, rugby is the fastest growing sport in the United States and is hugely popular around the world. This year in 2019, South Africa went on to defeat the heavy favorite England in an emotional victory in Japan. For more info on their victory you can visit the Rugby World Cup official website.

The video below is a very well made short animation of the history of rugby. While silly, the video is very informative and worth the watch.