Rugby is A Rough Sport, but this was too Far!

It’s no secret that the sport of rugby is known as one of the most physically rough sports in the world. It is not rare that players have serious injuries due to the extreme hands-on nature of the game. Every once in a while a player just takes things way too far and steps over the line.

As you can see in the disturbing video above, a player from the ASU rugby team runs directly up to one of his opponents and kicks him as hard as he can directly in the face. The player who committed this cheap shot was not even taking classes at ASU which resulted in the entire coaching staff being fired. The victim of this crime was in need of facial surgery due to the attack which resulted in an aggravated assault charge.

What Does This Mean for ASU’s Reputation?

college campus quad

Even though this was a very unfortunate incident, it’s important to remember ASU is a great school. They have led the field in education for years and just recently for the second year in a row have been recognized for their creative efforts in assisting freshmen students connect with on-campus community support services.

Many high school grads make ASU their first choice when apply for college acceptance. Due to ASU’s demanding curriculum, tutoring services such as Buffalo Academy who provide college tutoring across the nation are in high demand. Students in all stages of their college career can benefit from tutoring but its most often younger students who feel home sick and over whelmed by their new environment that need the most support.

If ASU is on your or your child’s wish list I hope that this unfortunate rugby incident does not hinder your decision. ASU continues to be one of the leading schools in the nation and is a great choice for your education and career preparation.

Common Injuries From Playing Rugby

As stated several times in this blog already, Rugby is a brutal sport and it’s no surprise that results in many injuries, some minor and some just horrific and hard to watch. On average, a player will perform between 20 to 40 tackles per match.It’s very important to be aware of this before you become a player because it can send you into a world of hurt. In this post we’ll cover some of the most common injuries in the sport and how to treat them.

rugby injuries

The Most Common Rugby Injuries

The most common injuries include ligament tears, hamstring pulls, bone fractures and concussions which are actually the most common at 12.5% of all injuries reported, which is pretty scary. The video below gives great insight into the anatomy of the human body and how it is effected by playing Rugby.

Due to the violent nature of the sport, many injuries need to be addressed by a medical doctor, like ligament tears, hamstring pulls, bone fractures and concussions as stated above due to their serious nature. Even if you have not experienced any major injuries from the game, you are bound to have extreme muscle soreness all over.

A Injury Therapy Option You Have Probably Not Heard Of

There are so many products on the market today that it can be tough to know who to trust. One option that I personally have found to be very helpful is called BEMER Therapy. It is a wellness system that has assisted the athletic community for nearly two decades in sports performance, endurance and injury recovery. BEMER accelerates the recovery process, by supporting quick transport of lactic acid and metabolic waste, making BEMER the “go to” product and fast-track for athletes (in all sports including rugby) to be able to perform at peak levels. Living in south Orange County, Ca I found a great wellness center that provides BEMER Therapy called First Element Wellness. They offer a free session on their BEMER device you can sample and you can even purchase your own from them for your home.

In conclusion, it’s good to know and expect that if you decide to become a rugby player, it’s very likely that eventually you are going to get injured. It’s just the nature of the sport.

Learning The Player Positions in Rugby

To begin, the sport of Rugby is not for the faint of heart. The game is very physical and often times can be described as down right brutal. If you are reading this you probably already know that. If you are just getting started with the game, then of course it is very important you learn the positions of each player.

Learning All The Positions

There are a total of 15 players on each team, 8 Forwards and 7 Backs, plus up to 8 players on the bench. If you are brand new to the game and wondering what position would be good for you, a good way to decide would be considering your body type. Typically the large players with more power play as Forwards and the smaller players play as Backs. The Forwards provide the brute force and power for the team while the Backs are typically lighter and faster.

First, are the players that play as Forwards:
The loose-head prop: the player who wears the jersey number 1.
The hooker: the number 2.
Tight head prop: The number 3.
The second rows: Numbers 4 and 5.
The blind (far) side flanker: Number 6.
The open side flanker: Number 7.
The 8 man: Number 8

Now for the players that play as Backs:
The Scrum-half: Number 9
The Fly-half: Number 10
Inside center: Number 12
Outside center: Number 13
The wings: Numbers 11 and 14
The Full-back: Number 15

Before you attempt to join in on a game, it’s highly recommended that you watch at least a couple games first because it’s very fast paced and aggressive. The video below gives a great animated visual of all positions in Rugby.

The Origins of Rugby

If you are from North America, then the sport of Rugby might look a little strange. It might look like a much more brutal version of American football with less padding for the players but in reality Rugby dates back much further. 

Where did Rugby start?

It is thought that the sport began in England all the way back in 1823. While the exact story is not 100% concrete in writing, it is excepted that William Webb Ellis, who the Webb Ellis Cup is named for was playing a game of regular football at the time when he decide to use his hands to to run with the ball which of course no longer makes it “Football”. This kinda makes you wonder why American Football has the name foot in it. Roughly 40 years later a set of rules was put in place by a mix of different clubs and schools, and the official sport was made know by 1871.

Rugby known worldwide

The Olympics are just about the highest standards in sports we have today and Rugby was one of the first sports excepted into the games in 1900 but in 1924 it was removed only to be finally brought back in 2009. Australia and New Zealand played host to the first World Cup in 1987 which gave the sport world wide interest and attention making it worthy of it’s spot in the summer Olympics.

Today, rugby is the fastest growing sport in the United States and is hugely popular around the world. This year in 2019, South Africa went on to defeat the heavy favorite England in an emotional victory in Japan. For more info on their victory you can visit the Rugby World Cup official website.

The video below is a very well made short animation of the history of rugby. While silly, the video is very informative and worth the watch.